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Are you getting ready to head to the 11th Annual NHRA #NewEnglandNats ?! 🙌 Here's everything you should know before you go! Drop your questions in the comments!


May 31-June 2, 2024 |

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Q: Will you be selling tickets at the gate?

A: Yes, we will be selling General Admission tickets all weekend. Please be advised that you will need an ID matching the name on the credit card you are intending to use (and it must be you 😂). However, we strongly recommend purchasing in advance - you'll save some money & time at the gate! 🔗


Q: Are coolers allowed?

A: Yes! All coolers must measure 14”x14” which is about the size of a 6 pack of water. NO alcohol or glass is allowed. However, we do have beer gardens inside!


Q: Are stadium seats allowed?

A: No, stadium seats are not allowed during the NHRA New England National event. However, we do allow seat cushions & we sell them in the NED Souvenir Trailer!


Q: Can I bring an umbrella?

A: Due to the large volume of people expected, we ask that you do not bring umbrellas!


Q: Can we walk around in the pits?

A: Yes, all tickets are a Pit Pass!


Q: When can motorhomes come in?

A: Motorhome Camping parking starts Wednesday 5/29, at noon!


Q: What time do gates open?

A: Gates will open at 8AM Friday-Sunday!


Q: What exits off of 101 should I take?

A: Exit 8 will be CLOSED. Use Exits 7 or 9 instead!


Q: Is there handicapped parking?

A: Yes, we do have handicapped parking. If you have a handicapped placard in your vehicle, the parking attendants will get you as close to the gate as possible. We recommend showing up early to the event!


Q: Are there specific spots for motorcycles to park?

A: Motorcycles will be parked on the lawn near the our main office. There is limited space, so we cannot guarantee a spot.


Q: Can I bring in a golf cart?

A: During the National event, spectator golf carts are not allowed.


Q: Where is preferred parking?

A: In Lot 1, the first parking lot you will see when pulling in!


Q: How much are children’s tickets?

A: For General Admission, children 12 & under are free with a ticketed adult.


Q: Can I bring my dog/cat/bird/lizard/alpaca/other animal?

A: No, NHRA does not allow any dogs (or other animals) inside the gates!


May 31-June 2, 2024 |

Daily Event Schedule |

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