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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do I need a valid drivers license to race?
A.  Yes.  You must have a valid state operators license.  Learner’s permits are not acceptable for racing.  All racers must show their license at the Credentials Building. Please note that while Junior Street racers may be unable to produce a license upon request, they must be accompanied by a licensed adult in the car.

Q.  Can I race my street legal car if it doesn’t have a valid inspection sticker?
A.  Generally, yes.  New England Dragway tech officials conduct their own safety inspection.  Most of the time we find a vehicle does not pass a state safety inspection because of emission requirements.  We do not check those functions.  We’re primarily concerned with safety issues like seat belts, tires and windows.

Q.  Can I race if I’m under 18 years old?
A.  You can race, but you must have a completed Parental Waiver Form on file with the track.  Those are available at the track or you can call Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM and have the form mailed or emailed to you.

Q.  Are mufflers required?
A.  Yes.  All competitors must use mufflers on Wednesday and Friday night, as well as all VP Race Fuel ET series eliminators including Super Pro, Pro, Street, Junior Dragster, Motorcycle, Top Bike, Super Comp and Hot Rod.

Q. I moved my battery to the back of the car.  Do I need to add any equipment?
A.  Whenever a battery is relocated from its original position you must have an external disconnect switch (kill switch) that immediately shuts off all functions of the vehicle.  The switch must be labeled as to function.

Q.  When do I need to wear a helmet?
A.  All racers are encouraged to wear a helmet in competition.  Current NHRA rules require all racers, excluding motorcycles, running an elapsed time of 13.99 seconds or quicker must wear a helmet.  Motorcycle riders must always wear a helmet.  Helmets must meet Snell 2015 or new guidelines.

Q.  Can I ride in my friend’s race car?
A.  Passengers, commonly called “Co-drivers,” are allowed in any vehicle that runs 14.00 seconds or slower on Wednesday and Friday nights only.  Co-drivers must be at least 18 years old, purchase a co-driver ticket, sign the waiver and receive a wristband at Credentials, and meet the same requirements as the driver.

Q.  Where can I get an NHRA Rule Book?
A.  You can visit our online store, pick one up at the Credentials Building on race day, or call the track and order one.

Q.  Can I purchase diesel or regular fuel at the track?

A.  No, unfortunately we cannot sell these types of fuel. However, if you turn right onto the highway (101 West) there are multiple gas stations off of Exit 7, as well as a gas station off of Exit 9 ( turn left onto 101 East). 

Q.  What types of fuel can I purchase and how much do they cost?

A.  A full list of our fuel types and prices can be found here. Please note that 54 gallon drums and our specialty fuels may not be in stock at the time of your visit. Call our office at (603) 679-8001 to place a special fuel order.

Q.  How do I find out what class I should be racing in?

A.  Our racer handbook and the NHRA rule book both outline the standards for each racing class. Of course, if you have a question we would be happy to help! Feel free to email us at

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