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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are coolers allowed?
A.  Yes. Coolers must measure 14" or less, about the size of a 6 pack of water, and must be able to fit underneath your seat. NO              glass or alcohol is allowed.

Q.  Is alcohol allowed?
A.  No. The Town of Epping bylaws prohibit alcohol at New Englan
d Dragway with one exception. The track is permitted to set up        a beer garden near the concessions building and all alcohol must be consumed within the garden. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL            WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY.

Q.  Are glass bottles permitted?
A.  No. Glass bottles are not permitted on the property.

Q.  Can we bring umbrellas?
A.  No. Due to safety reasons, umbrellas are not allowed inside the gates.

Q. Are dogs allowed?
A.  Although not recommended, dogs are allowed at the track except for during the NHRA New England Nationals. However,                dogs must be kept on a leash at all times as required by New Hampshire law. Once again, please note that with an exception            for service animals, NO DOGS are allowed at the NHRA New England Nationals.

Q.  When do gates open?
A.  Street night: gates open at 5pm and racing will start at 6pm

      Track rental: gates open at 11am and racing will start at 1pm

      Most weekends: gates open at 8am and racing will start at 9am

Q.  Can I operate my drone at the track?
A.  No one may operate a drone inside the facility without prior permission from the track's general manager. When requesting to          fly a drone anywhere on New England Dragway property the operator must provide the FAA Registration Number for the                  aircraft, as well as a current FAA UAV Pilot Certificate, and liability insurance that names New England Dragway, Inc. as                      additionally insured. At no time may a drone be operated over the active race surface or above the grandstands. All drone                operation must be in compliance with FAA regulations.

Q.  Can I take photographs or video at the track?
A.  Everyone is welcome to take photographs or video at the track. However, only credentialed media representatives may access          restricted areas. Photographs and videos are for personal use only and may not be sold.

Q.  Is smoking allowed?

A.  Smoking is allowed on the property. You may NOT smoke in the grandstands (this includes electronic cigarettes, hookahs, etc.).        Please exercise caution when walking near our wooden gas shack building. We also ask that you do not smoke while                          interacting with staff at any of our buildings.

Q.  Are stadium seats allowed?

A.  Stadium seats are not allowed during NHRA New England Nationals.

Q.  Can we tailgate?

A.  Yes, as long as you are following all other track rules and respecting your surroundings. This means you may not disrupt others,        take up a surplus amount of space, consume alcohol outside of permitted areas, etc.

Q.  Can I purchase tickets ahead of time?

A.  Street night: tickets are bought at the pit gate day of

      Most weekends: tickets are bought at the pit gate day of

      Major events: tickets usually go on sale a month or two before the event, if not sooner. You can find tickets for major events              here.

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