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March 26, 2020

To Our Loyal New England Dragway Fans:


All of us at New England Dragway understand the COVID-19 outbreak is currently disrupting your lives.  We are sensitive to the concerns and uncertainty felt by individuals and businesses as our nation combats what we all hope to be a short-term outbreak. We are closely monitoring the situation, as well as guidance available from state and local officials.   We remain confident life will return to normal and we remain committed to providing a safe and secure environment for racers and race fans alike.


We recognize NHRA’s decision to cancel the 2020 New England Nationals is a huge disappointment to our loyal fans. It's a significant disappointment for New England Dragway as well. We were initially approached by NHRA to consider the possibility of postponing the event. During a special meeting of the Board of Directors, representatives of the NHRA outlined their concerns and expressed that the issue was a time sensitive matter. With the event being five months away, the Board intended to gather more information, allow the situation to develop, and make an informed decision closer to the time of the event. The Board felt a decision to postpone was premature and notified NHRA that it wished to hold off on making a decision for 30 days. Obviously, that did not happen.  We want to stress the decision to cancel the event was made entirely by NHRA and against the wishes of New England Dragway. 


Even though this was not a New England Dragway decision, we apologize to those who have supported us over the years.  We put significant effort into our events to provide an unmatched experience. Your passion and loyalty have helped us provide the best motor sports entertainment possible.  You can be assured we will continue to work hard to ensure that tradition continues here at New England Dragway.


We also want to thank our brave first responders, exceptional medical professionals, and the resolve of each and every one of you as we overcome this challenge and work to restore normalcy to our lives.




Joe Lombardo

General Manager,

New England Dragway, Inc.

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