Champions Get Crowned

New England Dragway’s 2018 season came to an official close January 26, as it crowned its 2018 champions.  Over 400 people took part in the celebration at the Radisson Nashua hotel.  The evening started with a special tribute to several racers that passed away over the past year including Rob Young, Ken Rossi, Robert “Butch” Biron, Tim Strob, Jimmy King and Ed Lelacheur.


Weekend activities began on Friday night with the annual racer party featuring the New England Reaction Time Nationals.  Kyle Genualdo claimed the trophy, purse and contingency from Moroso, while veteran Super Stock racer Tom Boucher came in second.


Competitors in the track’s Outlaw 10.5 series were the first to be recognized.  Steve George claimed the True Street championship followed by Ron Childs, Real Street; Chris Rice, Fast Street; Scott Erickson, Super Street and William Sanford taking home Wild Street hardware.


Kevin Arno was honored for his East Coast Flathead Nostalgia championship and Jim Coger claimed the top spot in NE X-275.  A three-way tie in the Iannotti Brothers Select Cars Top Sportsman category were shared by the teammates of TT Motorsports, owned by Tom and Paula Zarella.  Tony FIcher took the podium at the 2018 Street Fighter champion.


VP Race Fuels ET Series champions were the next to make their way to the stage beginning with AJ Gouveia, who credited his E.C.O.P.E. Junior B championship berth to his family.  Austin Douglas was next up and thanked his family for helping him win the E.C.O.P.E. Junior A top spot.


Dennis K. Burke Super Comp honors went to Chris Damiano.  This was yet another championship drive for Damiano.  Stephen Paquin received the inaugural  Leahy Excavating Super Gas trophy and presented class sponsor Ted Leahy with a special jacket in honor of his support.  


Diesel Direct Super Street went to first-time champion John Harper.  Ed Hughes continued to dominate the motorcycle class by taking home championships in Top Bike and Motorcycle/Snowmobile.  It’s not the first time the veteran Suzuki rider has claimed multiple championships and most likely, not his last.

Tim’s Speed and Custom saw a first-time champion when Paul Neal took the podium to thank his fellow racers for a hard-fought season.  A&B Tire winner Jason Mazzotta claimed his second championship in Pro Eliminator giving special thanks to his dad for keeping his Nova race ready and his mom for her special race day tuna sandwiches.  


Closing out the night was long-time racer Ray Knight claiming another championship in Red’s Shoe Barn Super Pro.  


Dozens of specialty awards were given out during the evening.  A special tribute in memory of Derek Galligan found Tony Ficher being honored by the Galligan family with a presentation by Rick and Arlie Stetson.  FIcher announced the cash award that was part of the tribute will be donated to the American Cancer Society.


2018 Awards and Recognition


Team New England Dragway

Stephanie Correia, Team Captain; Karri Khoury, Team Co-Captain

Christina Alden, Rick Bell, Robert Bundzinski, Sr., Robert Bundzinski, Jr., Jim Choti, Jr., John Civitarese, Rick Converse, Jorge Correia, Ray Decarli, John Dembrowsky, Deb Digenova, Val Digenova, Roy Dunn, Stephen George, Davie Gibbons, Keith Gibbons, Joe Henderson, Ed Hughes, Rob Hyatt, Brandon Karaguezian, Steven Knight, Ray Knight, Jared Kinson, Denis Leblanc, Jaden Lespereance, Bob Lohnes, Jason Mazzotta, Robert Monteforte, Cameron Murray, Kyle Murray, Paul Neal, Phyllis Pina, Mark Rodriques, Bill Silva, Jeff Veins, Joey Wallis


NHRA Division 1 Team Spirit Award presented to Team New England Dragway


Junior Team New England Dragway

Stephanie Correia, Team Captain; Karri Khoury, Team Co-Captain

Abbie Croteau, Tucker Cumming, Cody Cumming, Maddison Douglas, Austin Douglas, Kaylee Genualdo, Kyle Genualdo, Alicia Gouveia, AJ Gouveia, Olivia Karaguezian, Joshua Leblanc, Emily Leblanc, Amanda Michaud, Brandon Miller, Travis Paquin, Kyle Rice, Jaylee Soucy, Gavin St. Jean, Greyson St. Jean


NHRA King of the Track Winner

Ray Knight


NHRA Division 1 Bracket Finals Race of Champions Super Pro

Ray Knight


Specialty Awards


E.C.O.P.E. Junior Dragster B

Best Engineered            Tucker Cumming

Best Appearing                Cody Cumming

Most Improved Racer            Greyson St. Jean

Racer of the Year            AJ Gouveia

Hard Luck Award            Emilia Studulski

Stand By Your Racer            Lauren Gouveia

Rookie of the Year            Ava Meloni


E.C.O.P.E. Junior Dragster A

Best Engineered            Austin Douglas

Best Appearing                Kyle Rice

Most Improved Racer            Travis Paquin

Racer of the Year            Olivia Karaguezian

Hard Luck Award            Ricky Bell

Stand By Your Racer            Artie Genualdo

Rookie of the Year            Maddison Douglas


Tim’s Speed & Custom Street Eliminator

Best Engineered            Steve George

Best Appearing                George Goodwin

Most Improved Racer            Paul Neal

Racer of the Year            Paul Neal

Hard Luck Award            Rick Converse 

Stand By Your Racer            Kathy Murray

Rookie of the Year            Wayne Seavey


A&B Tire Pro Eliminator

Best Engineered            Mark WInterbottom

Best Appearing                Mark Platt

Most Improved Racer            Steven Knight

Racer of the Year            Cameron Murray

Hard Luck Award            Kyle Murray

Stand By Your Racer            Mark Pina

Rookie of the Year            Kyle Murray


Red’s Shoe Barn Super Pro Eliminator

Best Engineered            Joey Wallis

Best Appearing                Rick Bell

Most Improved Racer            Al Gouveia, Jr.

Racer of the Year            Ray Knight

Hard Luck Award            AJ Cowing

Stand By Your Racer            Mike Leblanc

Rookie of the Year            John Dembrowsky



Michael Pesa Sportsman of the Year

Keith Correia


Derek Galligan Memorial Award

Tony Ficher


Specialty Eliminator Winners


Outlaw 10.5 Series

Steve George        True Street

Ron Childs        Real Street

Chris Rice        Fast Street

Scott Erickson        Super Street

William Sanford        Wild Street


East Coast Flathead Nostalgia Comp Series

Kevin Arno        Champion


NE X-275

Jim Coger        Champion


Iannotti Brothers Select Cars Top Sportsman

TT Motorsports        Champion

(Nick Meloni, Hong Lee, Jr. Al Staffieri)


Street Fighter Series

Tony Ficher        Champion



Special Appreciation Awards

Stephanie Correia, Rob Hyatt, Mikel Miranda, Laurie Correia, Jeff Fields, Wanda Goodridge, “Uncle Rick” Hyatt, Maura McGonigle



Motorcycle/Snowmobile Eliminator

Best Engineered            Tom Peterson

Best Appearing                Jim Jordan

Most Improved Racer            Tom Loosigian

Racer of the Year            John Civitarese

Hard Luck Award            Tom Peterson

Stand By Your Racer            Laurie Correia

Rookie of the Year            Michael Ducharme


Dennis K. Burke Super Comp

Best Engineered            Chris Damiano

Best Appearing                Jeff Viens

Most Improved Racer            Yvonne Michaud

Racer of the Year            Chris Damiano

Hard Luck Award            John Pesa

Stand By Your Racer            Jeremy Young

Rookie of the Year            Jim Souliere


Top Bike Eliminator

Best Engineered            Tom Peterson

Best Appearing                Kevin Mathews

Most Improved Racer            Mike Ducharme

Racer of the Year            John Civitarese

Hard Luck Award            Tom Peterson

Stand By Your Racer            Sandy Resendes

Rookie of the Year            Paul Anderson


Diesel Direct Super Street

Best Engineered            Matt Leblanc

Best Appearing                Shelby Kingsley

Most Improved Racer            Bob Lohnes

Racer of the Year            John Harper

Hard Luck Award            Paul Lorenti

Stand By Your Racer            Matt Harper

Rookie of the Year            Matthew Leblanc


Leahy Excavating Super Gas

Best Engineered            Ted Leahy

Best Appearing                Bob Pais

Most Improved Racer            Bob Pais

Hard Luck Award            Don Carter

Rookie of the Year            Stephen Paquin

Top Bike Eliminator

Ed Hughes        Champion


Tim’s Speed & Custom Street Eliminator

Paul Neal        Champion


Motorcycle/Snowmobile Eliminator

Ed Hughes        Champion


A&B Tire Pro Eliminator

Jason Mazzotta        Champion


Red’s Shoe Barn Super Pro

Ray Knight        Champion

E.C.O.P.E. Junior Dragster B

AJ Gouveia        Champion


E.C.O.P.E. Junior Dragster A

Austin Douglas        Champion


Dennis K. Burke Super Comp

Chris Damiano        Champion


Leahy Excavating Super Gas

Stephen Paquin        Champion


Diesel Direct Super Street

John Harper        Champion


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